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The Urban Bean Coffee Shop (#1004)

The Urban Bean Coffee Shop
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picture date: 2000-09-26


This is the interior of "The Urban Bean" coffee shop on Bryant Avenue South and 33rd Street. 33rd is outside the windows on the left. There is another room around the corner on the right.


  • amber   minneapolis -- 2003-07-12

    best music in any coffehouse in minneapolis

  • Loki   S. Mpls. -- 2003-08-26

    There's easily a half-dozen shops in close proximity where you won't be treated like a second-class citizen (especially by the Owner)not to mention asked to pay for overpriced coffee. Which is too often the case at the Urban Bean these days.
    I strongly recommend everyone take their coffee dollars anywhere else but the Urban Bean until those points are successfully driven home.

  • Sock   Edina -- 2003-12-11

    the UB is a fine place for a cup. All coffee at all coffeeshops except for the endless cups found at truckstops, the Uptown Cafe and in your own kitchen, are generally overpriced.

  • Drew   Uptown -- 2003-12-11

    I agree with Loki. It's even more overpriced at UB, compared to what the other shops in the neighborhood charge.

  • srobot   mpls -- 2004-11-30

    There's the price and then there's quality. I like a good cup and will pay for it. Most joints coffee is passable at best. UB is good coffee.

  • Matt   Minneapolis -- 2005-03-24

    Angela is courteous and intelligent. If you want cheap coffee, go to McDonalds. If you want good service, go to the Ritz Carlton. If you want good coffee from an interesting person, go ask Angela.

  • Emmett   -- 2005-08-26

    Gigi's down the street at 36th and Bryant is a highly recommended and superior alternative. At least there they don't act like they're doing YOU a favor.

  • Mike   -- 2006-03-27

    Head to Urban Bean for the lovely sounds of crickets and tumbleweeds!

  • Bored   TC -- 2006-04-25

    The owner's a Nazi and the music, although pretty good, is limited to pretty much ten CDs. You'll hear them over and over again, and you'll go insane.

  • Jay   -- 2006-07-28

    All of the Urban Bean Baristas are lovely ladies. And guys.
    But the owner is TERRIBLE. I can't swear, so you can't get my true opinion.

  • Borat   Kazakhstan -- 2006-08-07

    That smoking ban sure must have hurt business. Not to mention the new Dunn Brothers 2 blocks up.
    Karma sure can be a btch...

  • Michelle   Mpls -- 2007-09-09

    Wow, you guys are haters. This is one of the best coffee shops in Minneapolis-the interior is more sophisticated than a lot of restaurants around town-and the service is great. The owner gets your coffee fast while engaging you in friendly banter-a style of service you don't find often enough in the frozen north (which too often translates into frozen personalities and frozen decision making abilities).

  • Steve   Mpls -- 2007-11-29

    Even if it was one of the best coffee shops in the world, the current owner (perhaps not a nazi, but definitely a jacka$$) would keep us away on general principle. We're haters for a reason. What's your reason for being an apologist?

  • Neil   Minneapolis -- 2007-12-16

    I love the Urban Bean. Best place in Minneapolis for a cup of coffee.

  • Wez   TC -- 2008-01-05

    Neil, you're living proof that there's no accounting for some people's poor taste.

  • tom   minneapolis -- 2008-02-13

    way better than any other coffee in minneapolis. very stylish place. as long as everyone else needs to comment on the owner i will put in my two cents. he is smart likable guy ands seems to work very hard.

  • molly   minneapolis -- 2008-02-13

    very good coffee. owner is cute and very funny. barista are knowledgeable and polite.

  • ava   minneapolis -- 2008-02-13

    they must be doing something right they have been around for 13 years. great music very cool real people

  • Lifter Baron   Minneapolis -- 2008-03-10

    I think that this is the best coffee Ive found in town.. Awesome staff, awesome music, great coffee.. Check out for more minneapolis related reviews and nifty info on Urban Bean. Dunn Bros can't match this spot..

  • Veronica   mpls -- 2008-03-12

    knowledgeable;friendly owner ; hard worker; been in business 13 years (pretty good for an independant;)Great coffee: popular place;clean atmosphere; big light room that encourages customers to get to know each other

  •   -- 2008-04-09

    What customers? It's dead everytime I go past it.

  • Kelz   St. Paul -- 2009-08-07

    So, I am a professor, of Ethnic Studies and enjoy working at coffee houses. Spyhouse, up the street has seen more of me lately, as had the Black Dog in downtown St. Paul. What I am finding is that (being from the south) people are cold and stand-offish. I ama "brutha" so i am extra cautious about spending money in places where they treat (all)people like "2nd class citizens." Soi stopped going to both places mentioned about because a few emmployees at those places who treated me f--'d up for nno reason. I do engage people in conversation, but in the south, you can do that. People look at you differently around, like you are violating some code of silence or something....wha is the real deal with this place. A sista, reccommended this place, for being quieter that Spyhouse, and more relaxed and perfect for working. I just would like to get some good coffee at a not so "booshie" place...people work in coffee houses, acting like they work in Barney's, New York. What is this are you gonna be stuck-up, helping to make someone else's dream come true :-/ I apologize, got upset all over again...hehe...thanks for any feedback.

  • Licensing   -- 2009-10-27

    Where is the property release of this photo? Please consult photography laws such before you decide to sell photos without permission.

    Reply from website owner, Chris Gregerson: your comment spreads the false idea there are statutes or clear state laws dealing with photo releases; in most states, including Minnesota, there are not. Further, this is an issue of liability for the publisher of a photo, not a photographer/licensor. I was in court over this issue (using a photo without permission of the subject in the photo, aka 'appropriation of name and likeness', case no. 06-cv-01164, District of Minnesota, federal court). I represented myself and won.

  • Dan   -- 2009-11-23

    Poop, man. Poop.

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