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Interior of the Urban Bean Coffee Shop (#1005)

Interior of the Urban Bean Coffee Shop
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picture date: 2000-09-26


This is the second seating area inside the Urban Bean coffee shop. It's located at Bryant Avenue South and 33rd Street. There is an aquarium in the wall behind the sofa.


  • shane spitler   greenvill oh -- 2003-04-11

    i really like this shop it seem to be relaxing

  • eve   minneapolis -- 2003-07-12

    nicest shop in town

  • Jen   N.E. -- 2003-12-05

    The coffee is average at best, often not warm enough or has grounds in it. In my opinion the place is overpriced and the staff is often on the discourteous side.
    The floors and bathroom are dirty and defaced with graffiti. It's also very smoky in there. The same half-dozen CDs are played repeatedly.

  • Matt   Minneapolis -- 2005-03-24

    covalent bonds in water make it possible to overfill a glass of water. This property of water is surface tension. Buy coffee at the urban bean from Angela, who knows about surface tension.

  • Ren   -- 2005-11-15

    Urban Bean just doesn't cut it.

  • Mike   -- 2006-03-27

    I've noticed the UB is pretty empty these days. Is Angela still even there?

  • Bruno   Vienna -- 2006-08-07

    The Urban Bean doesn't even look like that picture these days....

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