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4th Street and 15th Avenue (#15)

4th Street and 15th Avenue
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This picture was taken from the 4th St. bridge in Dinkytown. I was looking down over the train corridor that cuts through Dinkytown. The skyline is visible in the distance. You can see the 14th Ave bridge in the middle-ground. These bridges were recently finished. Ragstock and Annie's Parlor can be seen on the right; the U of M campus is on the left.



  • barbraAnn   minneapolis -- 2004-06-06

    this brings back memories of the old Perine's book store, which was in the building where Annie's Parlour is. thanks.

  • hasdrupal   the south -- 2006-09-23

    I remember going to annies parlor when I was a kid during the eighties. I used to go to tuttle marcy elementary that was a little farther down the road from,didnt know that place was still standing.

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