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Dinkytown Alley (#1881)

Dinkytown Alley
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picture date: 2002-04-26


This alley is off 4th Street Southeast (behind you). It's in Dinkytown, just west of 14th Avenue.



  • wally   minneapolis -- 2002-07-30

    When I was in "college" I used to work at the Annie's Parlor in Dinky town back in the late "80's. Every night, at the end of the night we used to have to take the garbage down to street level anmd around the corner onto 4th street to this alley.
    Good times.

  • jenny bizza   st paul -- 2002-11-07

    me and my friends walked down this alley to get to the front of magus books and herbs... good store, go there... anyways its funny how u call it dirty b/c we thought the same thing...

  • jenny   st paul -- 2002-11-07

    that store is still there. Magus books and herbs. you take this alley to the front of the alley

  • ether   arkansas -- 2003-01-22

    wow. i used to work at annie's too (last winter). i remember that alley. nothing like walking down the back stairs, going to the basement to bring up more ice cream in sub-zero weather. it was a rude awakening for a displaced southern boy.
    magus IS a great bookstore. that's what I miss most about minneapolis - all the bookstores.

  • Dinzee   Lexington, KY -- 2008-10-06

    On the LEFT side of this alley photo, top floor, which was above Gray's Drug Store in the late 1950s and early 1960s, was the room where Bobby Zimmerman lived for a year, as a U of M student. When he left, with his guitar, he changed his surname to Dylan.

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