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Front of South High School (#1887)

Front of South High School
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picture date: 2002-04-26


This is the front of South High School, on 19th Avenue South. It used to be used as the main entrance, but a sign above the doors instructs visitors to use the 32nd Street doorway.



  • Sean Ryan   Minneapoli -- 2003-09-17

    Well... this has to be the worst in school design. Even worse than North H.S.

  • Greg Mann   Minneapoils -- 2004-10-13

    that school looks like a jail.
    where are the windows?
    i love griffin clausen.
    i like cheese
    i like to play the guitar

  • Anya Karapetian   Sebastopol, CA -- 2005-01-04

    It is really nice to look at this ugly "school" again. I left beautiful Marshall-U's junior high school campus when it closed in '82 and entered as a freshman, merged with students from a small number of other beautiful, historic high schools which had also closed. I never cease to remember this building as a penitentiary!

  • ????   -- 2005-11-29

    does any one know is a boy name Sean Buhrts goes here

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