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White Dove (#2651)

White Dove
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copyright © 2002 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 4 megapixel (2272 x 1704 total resolution)
picture date: 2002-12-27


This dove visits my Mother's home, eating food she leaves out for him. She calls him "Gorby", but doesn't know his history. He has a band on one leg, suggesting he began life as a pet.


  • Alberta Howard   Andrews, S. C. -- 2006-08-01

    MY husband was terminal ill with COPD he was home under hospice care. On the evening of 7/3/06 around 7 pm. a pure white dove which looked like it had sparkling diamonds on it's wings was in my yard. I took several pictures and some video of it. On the morning of 7/4/06 it had rested that night on my roof top. After we all got up it landed on the ground. We all walked up to it, it didn't seem to be afraid of anyone. Again I took close up video of it. A few hours later my husbands blood pressure dropped to 65/30. Later that day it came back up. I took a
    picture into his room and said, look at the bird that was in our yard, he looked at it and replied, that't the dove I heard crying. We never seen this dove again. No one in this area can explain where it came from. We all feel that it was sent from heaven. My husband passed away on 7/14/06.

  • Joan Waldner   Jupiter -- 2006-09-29

    Ihave always had birds. A few months ago my girlfriend who raises birds, gave me a greencheak. I could not keep it at my home so I took him to my daughters. Recently she came home to find Stuby (missing toes) dead. She called me to tell me about this we were both upset. A short time later she called me back and put her 17 yr old step daughter got on the phone to tell me she went out and bought a white dove. I was so excited to know that she did this for me. 9/28/06

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