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6th Street South at Night (#2705)

6th Street South at Night
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copyright © 2003 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 4 megapixel (2272 x 1704 total resolution)
picture date: 2003-02-11


You are looking east over 6th Street South. The blur on the right is a bus approaching the red light. This view is from a skyway between City Center (to the right) and the Plymouth Building.



  • brent   tn -- 2003-06-14

    This picture really captures the true beauty of the downtown Minneapolis area that to many people are not aware of!

  • Stan   New York -- 2003-12-26

    Comming from New York I know what tall buildings look like! When I came to Minneapolis I mistook this city for Chicago! My wife had to explain to me that it was Minneapolis! I thought this was some farm town like those crapy Iowa cities. Man Iwas wrong, Minneapolis is awesome

  • Dominic   Lake Elsinore -- 2004-05-28

    I currently live in California, but i am moving to the area this summer. I love Minneapolis, it is my favorite city in the U.S. Anyway, i cannot wait until i am home once again.

  • Brian   Owatonna, Minnesota -- 2005-01-19

    That's so true, my main goal for a long time has been to move out of Minnesota, but maybe I just need to move closer to The Cities! I've loved everytime I've went there over my life, and I never wanted to leave back to this boring town.
    This picture gives you the whole aura of the city, it feels like everyone is your friend in this town and everyone's out to have a good time, and for some reason, you feel protected when your there, I guess it's the buildings that surround you. I always feel at ease there.
    The city is a diamond in the rough, and I guess that's a good thing because it keeps the population from exploding and the stories about harsh winters keep people away. hah! They don't know how great it can be here.

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