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Sola Squeeze in Lunds Grocery Store (#283)

Sola Squeeze in Lunds Grocery Store
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picture date: 2000-04-22


You are inside the Uptown Lunds grocery store. It has a mezzanine level with a juice bar called Sola Squeeze. There is a Caribou coffee shop on the first floor, to your left, and a Leann Chin in the back of the store.


  • Jamie Lee   South Minneapolis -- 2000-10-02

    I have had many jobs and have dealt with the presidents of several companies I have worked for; working at Sola is an entirely different experience. I've been working at the Sola Squeeze in the IDS Center (downtown Minneapolis) for about a month and I love it. Susan Hibbs is a sweetheart (though we got to make sure the shirts are tucked in and the store is clean for when she should happen to drop by :) and she really had a great idea in Sola Squeeze. Sola is unlike all the other juice bars out there. In the IDS, we are surrounded on all sides by Jamba Juice and other franchises....but we have many loyal customers who go out of their way to visit Sola each day. I think that definately says something.

  • Anon.   Minneapolis -- 2001-07-09

    There is a Caribou, not a Starbucks in this Lunds.

  • Jared Graham   2821 Blasdell av south Minneapolis -- 2001-09-07

    I shop at the lunds in uptown and my personal opinion is that fresco is a lot better than sola squeeze. There is no longer a leann chinn in lunds any more,it has been replaced by a sandwich bar which is kinda expensive.

  • John B.   1200 blasedell av south. -- 2001-09-25

    I have worked at the lunds in Uptown for three years. The management is really good to me (because i kiss butt) and so are the employees.I love doing bergin nuts and fantasia.I work really hard and am hoping my experience here at lunds will look good on my resume.

  • John B   450 nicollet av south -- 2001-09-26

    I have worked at lunds for three years. I love doing bergin nuts and fantasia.I slack off a lot and kiss butt. The management loves me because of that. I do not really do any work at all but who cares. I will be stuck over here for the rest of my life.Lunds rules.

  • Tony   -- 2002-09-23

    The Sola Squeeze is terrible. No flavor in their concoctions. I like Jamba Juice better, but I agree, FRESCO is better (their owner told me they use less ice).
    Too bad LeeAnn Chinn is gone! I live a block from Lunds and on those evenings I was dead tired/came home late and had zero mtoivation to cook, Leann Chinn was good for getting a nice meal.

  • Megan   Minneapolis -- 2003-06-17

    I LOVE Sola, they are so much better than Jamba Juice their drinks taste like they were made with fresher fruits and I would choose Sola over Jamba Juice any day!

  • Brendan   UK -- 2004-09-03

    I need some help. I'm looking for opinions about what makes a good juice bar for some research work I'm doing, can anyone help? Thanks Bdn

  • anonymous   Kenwood -- 2005-05-27

    sola squeeze is really good!

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