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MCAD Reception Crowd (#301)

MCAD Reception Crowd
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MIA Complex
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picture date: 2000-05-06


You are in the new building at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. This is the first floor of the exhibit for the graduating class of 2000. The reception is going on; the commencement just finished at the Children's Theatre auditorium.



  • Dan Dennehy   Minneapolis -- 2001-03-26

    An aqaintance sent me the URL for this page today. It gave me quite a chuckle. Mine is the extra large face peering through the crowd. The photo was taken as part of a series by a student who interned with me at WAC. This may very well be my 15 minutes of fame that Warhol predicted. I forwarded the page to friends and family to share in the celebration. Thanks. I enjoyed browsing through your site (and being part of it).

  • Sheila Conneely   NY -- 2001-03-28

    Where can I get the picture of the man on the wall. I have to have it. Please. He is so handsome. Thank you and please let me know as soon as possible. I will pay any price up to $1,000. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • George Slade   St. Paul -- 2001-03-29

    Surely a picture of Big Brother (a la G. Orwell) must be worth more than $1000! That Dan--he's a big player in the local art scene.

  • Anonymous   -- 2001-08-20

    I have smaller versions of this mans face at competitive prices. Quantity discounts available.

  • Thad   Sao Paulo -- 2001-10-03

    Hey!! I know that man on the wall!! You havent changed since I last saw you 20 yrs ago, Dan. Take care.

  • Donna Kelly   MIA -- 2003-01-29

    Dan, you are everywhere, you are everyman and everybody. Dan you just are.

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