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Roosevelt High School Main Entrance (#307)

Roosevelt High School Main Entrance
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picture date: 2000-05-16


This is the front entrance of Roosevelt High School, at 4029 28th Avenue South. I was there in the evening, to teach a Community Ed class.



  • Linda Lander   Bowling Green, Ohio -- 2000-08-08

    I enjoyed the photographs of Roosevelt High School. As an 1965 alumna of the school, I think the pages will be interesting for RHS graduates and alumni web sites.

  • Roxanne Mikkelson   Apple Valley, Mn -- 2000-10-05

    I went to Roosevelt class of 70, I enjoyed seeing the old picture of Roosevelt. It looks like an interesting site.

  • Tracy Benson   Escondido, CA 92025 -- 2001-05-08

    I am trying to locate Vernetta (Vicki Jean) Erickson who graduated in 1958. She is my mother and I have never had the chance to meet her. Please e-mail me at if you have any info. God bless you.

  • Greg Peterson   Orono, MN -- 2001-10-01

    I was pleased to find this picture of RHS with one search on Google. I am preparing a "This is your life" video for an 80 year old man who graduated from RHS in the 30's (He married an RHS grad as did his brother and his sister, both RHS grads!)

  • Sherry {Murphy} Benda   Lakeville,MN -- 2001-10-05

    I am looking for a 1981 Roosevelt yearbook that I could purchase. Mine was stolen years ago and I would really like one. Thank you!!!

  • Roger Olsen   Florida -- 2002-03-02

    I Graduated in 1964, so it was nice to see these pictures. The Web Site for Roosevelt is pretty boring, it would be nice if they would post activities and reunion dates.

  • Dianne Rothenbuehler(Daraitis)   St. Petersburg, FL -- 2002-05-26

    I was thrilled when I ran across this picture of the front of my high school. Wow. Memories. I graduated in '84.

  • Bill Beckman   Forest Lake, MN -- 2002-07-05

    Am looking for an 1954 year book. an anybody out there help with this request?
    Thank You.

  • Tracy   Escondido, CA -- 2002-09-26

    My mother Vernetta (Vicki) graduated from here in 1958. She had my sister in 1959 and me in 1960. For 40 long years we searched for her and finally found her in Fulshear, Texas living at Weston Estates. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with us but we are grateful to have found a little bit about our past. Thanks. Anyone from the class of '58 please contact me at God bless you all.

  • Leslie Hazel   St. Paul, MN -- 2002-10-03

    I accidently stumbled across this site. I graduated in 2000 and was surprised to see pictures of me from our New York band trip. This is amazing!

  • Ron Denardo   Kalamazoo MI -- 2002-12-22

    I am looking for someone who graduated around 1968. If you went there from 66-69 please e-mail me.

  • Colleen Morgan Graves   Greeley, Co -- 2004-01-21

    I would like the dates of the 40th Class Reunion for the class of '64. I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates. We are like fine wine, we get better with age!

  • Sarah Lafave   508 9th st -- 2004-03-24

    I am wandering about beth cutler
    or her friend rachel. they graduated in 2002.please let me
    nw if you know where ican contact them.

  • James Lenhardt Wilson   900 Swordfish Street. Pascagoula, Ms 39581 -- 2005-01-25

    I graduated from RHS in 1941. I am now 82 years old. If anyone remembers me or knows someone who does, please contact me. Maybe someone might remember Delores LeClaire.

  • Armas Ristamaki   Mora Mn. 55051 -- 2005-02-17

    I would truly love to hear from anyone from the class of 65, I am always down in Minneapolis on most weekend looking fo a place to sing. If anyone likes country, drop me an e-mail and I'll send off my latest CD

  • jeff provo`   los angeles -- 2005-06-07

    Looking for anybody from "65-66" class that might have known my sisters tracy or cassie provo, both have passed on, tracy in 78 and cassie back in 69. would like to hear from any old friends. i would have gone to rsh but we moved out to burnsville in 69.

  • Brittany   3252 Bloomington ave S -- 2006-04-04

    Hey this is my highschool its a nice picture of the entrance happy happy spring break!

  • John Hendrickson   Waterville, MN -- 2006-10-08

    I graduated in 1952 and would like any information regarding a class reunion or get together in the near future. Thanks

  • Ward Olson   Albany, Oregon -- 2007-08-10

    I Graduated in 68'and didn't care too much for my HS years but had a few friends. I was hoping to see pictures other than the building facade.

  • Janice DeJoy Barber   -- 2007-09-28

    I lost my year books over these many years..I am looking for pictures from the years covering 1954-1957. I do not do reunions, but would love to see past friends once more. Have contacted past first love with sad rejection.

  • Agatha Grimsby Mortenson   4001 So. Decatur, #37-498, Las Vegas, NV 89103 -- 2007-12-21

    My brother, Emerson, and I graduated from Roosevelt in 1943, I in January, he in June. Currently, I am preparing our family tree and wanted a picture of the school.
    It would be fun to talk to anyone who was from our class and remembers either of us.

  • Ted   Minnesota -- 2009-03-05

    To those who are looking for old year books. I purchased two year books from RHS by just calling them. There is some one who handles this as the school has a lot of year books they had stock piled.

  • James Hetland   Minnesota -- 2010-03-09

    Jeff Provo, I think I found some letters that Kathy, Cassie and you worte to my father when he was in Vietnam and apparently Kathy and my father were engaged at some point.

  • Karen Adams Tostado   -- 2014-12-31

    Jeff Provo,
    Tracy and I were roommates in Los Angeles also attended Roosevelt HS graduated 1966. I remember Cassy as Tracy's little sister and also you.

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