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Ragstock Entrance (#316)

Ragstock Entrance
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picture date: 2000-05-19


This is the stairway down to Ragstock, just inside the front door of their Uptown location on West Lake Street. Ragstock sells new and used clothing, and has been around for some time.


  • 'stocker   Uptown -- 2000-12-03

    I happen to work for the 'stock, and I find this picture interesting, to say the least. If the shot would have been just a bit wider, it would have included the sign that says "taking photographs is not allowed inside the store." It's cool to see some of my work online, tho. (I did the glitter stairs.) You can visit RAGSTOCK online at the URL below:

  • Aryn   San Diego -- 2004-02-25

    I used to work at upstock as well, and this picture brings back memories of me vacuuming the stairs. However, one of the dressing rooms under the stairs happens to be my art,the virgin room. Hello Dennis, Christopher, Rochelle and the rest of you, I miss you and hope all is well.

  • frieda sorber   Antwerp, Belgium -- 2004-03-14

    What memories that stairway evokes. I discovered Ragstock in 1996 and have been buying kimono and obi there since then. After every trip at least 20 kimono or obi travel back to Belgium with me and I have even worn the kimono jackets in Japan.

  • David israel tobon   mexico -- 2004-03-17

    Hi, my name is israel, i was exchange studen 94-95, i was in south-highschool, and of course my favorite place was up-town, and my favorite shop was ragstock, menn, i still have the clothes that i bought, jeans and t-shirts, im proud of been there. and also late me ask any of you, that if some of you knows Nora Lovrien, please tell her that i love her, i havent seen her since then, i miss her. thanks for your time and never stop shoping in ragstock

  • Elliot Cory!   mpls!!! -- 2004-10-08

    I love ragstock!! The guy that work there are so cool! Me and my friends enjoy playing hide and go seek in ragstock!! Nole and jeff let me and my friends borrow some skirts and some nasty torn fur coats and we wore them around uptown!!! The uptown ragstock rules!

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