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Church at 4th Street SE and 8th Ave (#35)

Church at 4th Street SE and 8th Ave
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This church is a common sight if you travel down 4th Street. This is at the intersection of 4th Street SE and 8th Avenue SE, across from Ralph and Jerry's market(next picture). I photographed it because I like the building and it has a unique picnic area in the front yard.



  • Pat   IN. -- 2001-10-30

    Was this Holy Trinity Episcopal back in the 30's and 40's. If it is,my family and I all went to it.The name was Chamberlain.

  • Craig Wiester   4930 Garfield Ave, 55409-2404 -- 2001-11-10

    This is Andrew-Riverside Presbyterian Church.

  • Rev   a-r member -- 2002-06-05

    Totally awesome

  • Marvin Clark   Boise, Idaho -- 2003-07-09

    Use to walk by there almost everyday after being exhausted from finding a parking place while I was in Grad School at UofM.
    Beautiful Building and a beautiful picture!

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson- Northeast -- 2003-09-17

    Unfortunatly the congreation is hoping to raze the church because it needs costly repairs. They claim the church is about the community and not the building. Hah. Too bad they let it run down in the first place.

  • Steven   Mpls -- 2003-12-12

    Indeed the building is to be torn down Dec 14, 2003. I am sorry to see postings that mis-reflect the facts. You are correct Erin that the type of limestone used turns out to be a poor building material. Close proximity building to the north prevented already limited sunlight from ever drying out the north wall. Once the wall collapsed, the building was no longer just a church, but also a hazard to the neighborhood, a challenge to strained budgets, and shrinking parish sizes. Ironically, when the wall fell parishioners were in Guatemala helping build the church there. While it would be convenient to find a bad guy here, what the grieving parishioners (and community) really need is love -- not blame and guilt.

  • Erin   Minneapolis -- 2003-12-12

    It is my understanding that they did not let it run down, but that the walls were built of limestone, which has begun to collapse. Even if they had repaired the original collapsing wall, subsequent walls would no doubt have begun to suffer the same fate.

  • Craig Wiester   Minneapolis -- 2004-11-02

    This church building collapsed in 2002. It was demolished some time later. The congregation continues, however, as Andrew-Riverside Presbyterian Church, meeting elsewhere.

  • Lois Johnson   Wilmingon, DE -- 2006-07-29

    This was the church where I sat at my grandmother's feet in the dimness of choir loft while she practiced the organ. The year was about 1938 or 39 and I was age 3 or so, old enough to know that this was a special treat and that I had to be very good to have it happen again. The church had a special smell compounded of old hymn books, furniture polish and dust, a very churchly and holy odor. I would watch the dust motes in the streaks of light from the stained glass windows, my grandmother's feet playing the pedal tones, and the light from the organ music lamp on her face. Her music took up all the echoing vaulted space. She was so intent on the music, Bach fugues for the recessional I think now, that I was quiet as a church mouse. Sometimes, as a special treat when she was through practicing, Gram would let me play the foot pedals by pressing them with my hands. It made a glorious echoing noise. And now it is gone...

  • Margaret (Gilbert)Myrick   St. Paul -- 2006-12-31

    This was not Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Holy Trinity was at the corner of 4th. St. and 4th. Ave. (later became St. George's Ukranian Orthodox). I do not know exactly when Holy Trinity moved out and St. George's moved in.

  • kaszeta   Grantham, NH -- 2008-12-31

    I was sad to hear that this church is now gone, I had several pleasant light meals on their picnic tables when I lived in the area.
    I had only been inside once, one time when it was used as a voting precinct, but it had a beautiful interior

  • john low   Champaign, IL -- 2009-11-13

    I went to church here when I was at the U from 2008-2009. The congregation were very caring and compassionate folks and I am very sorry to hear about the loss of this beautiful building.

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