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6th Avenue Apartments (#440)

6th Avenue Apartments
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This is an apartment building on the west side of 6th Avenue Southeast. The sign above the door says "Ashmore". This is in the Holmes neighborhood, which has housing affordable for students at the U of M, nearby.



  • Beatrice   San Francisco, CA -- 2000-07-17

    I grew up in this apt. building. My parents were the managers in the late 70s/early 80s. It's so cool to see pics of it years later!

  • Kelly   Mpls metro area -- 2002-03-05

    I lived in this building in the mid-80's, during my last years at the U. Great memories, and great apartments!

  • reply to Anonymos   USA -- 2002-04-22

    I think you mean that the owners are selling apartment BLOCKS , not the rooms themselves. Maybe?Like, selling the "old" one so "they" can afford a "new" apartment block to run?

  • Paul Lewis   -- 2004-04-29

    I lived there in the early 90s. That's where I met my wife. Cool. Good old 3rd floor.

  • John G.   Plymouth, MN -- 2005-06-03

    My wife lived in one of the duplexes (not shown) to the left of the picture in the 1940s when she attended Marshall High. The Ashmore was considered pretty ritzy then. It's on the corner of Sixth Avenue just off Fourth Street. There was a small corner grocery in the basement. It was always nice and cool in there in the summer.


    My husband Tony and I with our son David once lived in this apartment building- we were managers for two years(about 1976 to 1978). We had to drag coal to stoke the heater when the temps dipped below a certain degree-the city officials would call to let us know that we needed to turn over to coal. We also had to clean the "clinkers" from the used ashes and dump them into the trash. It was quite the deal.

  • kaszeta   Grantham, NH -- 2008-12-31

    I used to live across the street from The Ashmore. Very sturdy building, two different vehicles collided with it at 30+ mph speeds while I lived in the area, with no apparent building damage.

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