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Marcy Playground and School (#455)

Marcy Playground and School
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picture date: 2000-06-18


You are looking east across the Marcy playground to the back of Marcy Open School(in the background at right). Holmes Park is behind you. 4th Avenue SE is just beyond Marcy School(not visible).



  • Chrissy   -- 2000-11-02

    It's a lovely playground.:) Did you know there was a band named after this playground? "Marcy Playground", the band that did "Sex and Candy" and ,any other amazing songs? They actually wrote a song called "From the Marcy Playground.

  • FPM2K   -- 2002-11-04

    The lead singer of the band went to Marcy school and was frequently taunted and teased on the playground, so for whatever reason he decided to name the band after that. Hence the name Marcy Playground.
    I went to school at Marcy for eight years and, thus, played on this playground quite a bit. A very nice playground, recently remodled. The equipment can't be more than five years old.

  • eric libby   -- 2005-05-31

    John Woz and Marcy playground are the best thing to ever happen to music, he is a god

  • kirstin   Alaska -- 2005-07-12

    Man, we are a bunch of crazy fans :)

  • the MuDHippieS   Indiana -- 2005-07-13

    Crazy Listen to Marcy Playground One cannot live on Sex and Candy alone.

  • Never   -- 2005-12-21

    LOL I see a couple other people from the marcy site have found this photo.
    Yah, but this is a perfect band to be crazy about, lol

  • Adam C   208 central -- 2006-01-27

    The band is great love there style hpoe to see them in a concert

  • K. Nicole   -- 2009-12-07

    I went to Marcy Open from 2nd-8th grade so yeah. We always heard about that group.

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