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Traffic Jam on 35W in Minneapolis (#4657)

Traffic Jam on 35W in Minneapolis
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copyright © 2005 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 6 megapixel (3072 x 2048 total resolution)
picture date: 2005-06-18


This is 35W heading north towards downtown Minneapolis during a traffic jam.


  • Patti Kingston   Ontario -- 2007-08-01

    So, this picture is well worth its weight in concrete. God bless the city, those on the bridge during its collapse and the rescue team for survivors of the 35E Bridge on this August 1, 2007.

  • Brocha   St. Paul, MN -- 2007-08-22

    This is not 35w, this is 394e

  • pla   mpls, mn -- 2007-08-23

    This is 35W but it is in south mpls and not the bridge. The view is looking at 35W north bound going into downtown at Lake St. exit. The one who posted this is right. The comment from a St. Paul person is incorrect. Thank you

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