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John Stevens House in Minnehaha Park (#707)

John Stevens House in Minnehaha Park
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You are in Minnehaha Park, west of the creek and near 49th Street. This is the John H. Stevens house, built by the first settler in Minneapolis(1820-1900). It was build in 1850 near where the Hennepin Avenue Bridge is now(downtown) under permission from Fort Snelling. It was called "Ferry Farm", and became a social and community center. Both the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County were organized in this house. It was moved to this location in 1896.



  • Joe   Mpls. -- 2001-12-06

    John Stevens actually never lived in this house. He built it so he could stake a land claim with the U.S. government in what is now the city of Minneapolis. He actually lived in the town of St. Anthony, across the river (now part of Minneapolis) because there was nothing on the west side as of yet other than his house.

  • Shari Annette   Redmond, washington -- 2004-12-05

    Years ago my husbands grandfather told him that he was born in the Stevens house. Do you have any record of Robert Glen living in the Stevens house sometime after the Civil War. Please advise,

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