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The Hollywood Theater (#898)

The Hollywood Theater
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picture date: 2000-08-07


You are on Johnson Street Northeast looking east at the old Hollywood Theater.


  • b   keenan -- 2001-06-19

    Do you know who owns this theater now? I would love to find out more about it but have no idea where to begin. Any info would be appreciated!!

  • phyllis Vogel   Springfield,IL -- 2001-07-12

    How wonderful to come across this Movie House that I attended so many times as a youngster. Especially the times I went with my grandmother on dish night and we would stop at Johnson Drugs for a soda afterward. I lived on Fillmore and attended Thomas Lowry Grade School. All my family were Northeast people and I have some terrific memories of back "then" I am 68 and will soon be driving thru Minneapo,is, Thank you so much.

  • Paul Arneson   Washington, DC -- 2001-08-14

    The HOLLYWOOD was also a regular Saturday "event" for me and my friends back in the 1950s. I remember the short, stout owner who was always very visable.... especially if kids made too much noise during the shows. I left Minneapolis in 1968. It would be great to see the Hollywood restored!

  • Louise Peterson   Minneapolis, MN -- 2001-09-12

    This theatre is being negotiated for
    purchase by a person I shall not name at this time. He has until November 1 to come up with the funding and the approval of his design plans by the Minneapolis city council.
    He has many well wishers in Northeast
    Minneapolis who are rooting for his

  • Lance Cunningham   NE MInneapolis -- 2001-11-07

    Did he get the building? If so how can I contact him to get involved? Or if he didn't he should I see to get started in buying it myself?

  • Bryan Gates   NE Minneapolis -- 2001-11-15

    I am also very interested in purchasing this theatre myself. It could be turned into a wonderful place for the community. If anybody has any information at all if the theatre is still up for sale or not please send me an e-mail. Thank You

  • Ray Rolfe   NorthEast Minneapolis -- 2001-12-23

    When is this place going to be restored!?
    Such a tresure for our neighborhood and we can't get the work done cuz why? Im growing impatient with whatever the political conspiracy happens to be. Lets get non-profit status on this project allready and have it open for volunteer restoration by 2002!
    (only 8 days, better step it up!)

  • Louise Peterson   Northeast Minneapolis -- 2002-01-30

    Update on the Hollywood. Several people
    submitted plans in their bid to buy the theatre from the city of Minneapolis. The winner is Ed Finley. I have been told he will have a website. For those who are interested checkback later for more details.

  • Louise Peterson   Northeast Minneapolis -- 2002-01-30

    Hollywood Theatre update.
    Ed Finley has been given the green light
    by MCDA (an agency that gives approval for funding for renovations in Mpls - composed of city council members and others) Check this site after Feb. 4 for an update. I was told he has a website so I shall try to get it for those interested.

  • Ray Rolfe   NordEast -- 2002-02-14

    Well whats the scoop?

  • B. Peterson   Northeast Minneapolis -- 2002-02-15

    The delay on the theatre was not political at all. Its economics. First debate was: should the theatre be torn down in favor of housing. Other concerns: is there enough interest in the theatre to make it a viable enterprise on Johnson; where will people park(parking space is already scarce - Residents nearby are concerned crime will follow with the increase of traffic and theatre-goers.

  • Ed Finley   Office - Mpls. -- 2002-02-16

    Can you believe, I just learned of this site and the comments earlier today from a friend of mine who found it while surfing the net? Thank you to all those who have posted here with words of encouragement. I can report that significant progress has been made and it is hoped that this entire issue will be resolved in the weeks ahead. I am ready to go and have the funding in-place. I'm convinced that there will never be a better offer with so little risk to the city as there is in the latest proposal.
    Continue your positive thoughts. An announcement is on the horizon. Thanks. Ed Finley, Proposed Developer, Hollywood Theater.

  • Sean   Northeast -- 2002-07-02

    Ed Finly had been dropped by the MCDA as the developer of the Hollywood theatre. We hope to see someone else willing to invest in the old place.

  • Ray Rolfe   Nordeast -- 2002-07-02

    housing? crime? no intrest? you gota be kidding! As far as parking, I'LL JUST WALK!! Its in the neighborhood fer crying out loud. I used to walk by the place everyday on my way to school at Northeast Jr.High. If it was open back then I imagine I would have caught quite a few movies on my way home. If you think about it, the HOLYWOOD could be a major sucess on the virtue of after school shows alone! Just put a digital projector in there and show cartoons for 3 bucks a pop and that theater will fill up with so many folks escaping the heat of summer or with nothing else to do that we will wonder why no on did it sooner. And it will boost business at Nans, at Autobon Coffie, at EVERY place on Johnson. And you can have art film festables during Art-a-whril!
    So theres my input.
    Thats a historic building, whoevers thinking about tearing it down for houses should be ashamed!

  • Ray   HERE! -- 2002-07-02

    What!? Ed has been droped? What a bunch of (*) politics! As soon as he has the funding he's out? Whats really going on?

  • Erin   Minneapolis -- 2002-07-03

    Has anyone been inside of this theater recently?

  • Interested in the area   -- 2002-07-11

    Can anyone tell me what the current status of this theater is now? Who owns it? what is being planned? thanks.

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson NE -- 2002-07-24

    I guess Ed might be regrouping for another stab at it. The MCDA recently has had some contractors in there to make estimates on stablizing it. That should happen soon. The MCDA also had this terrible proposal of moving an asian theatre group from the suburbs into there. They would cut the auditorium in half for a backstage, add a third floor(not sure where) and tear down Maggie's next door for parking. GOOD IDEA!(sarcasm)
    I was in the theatre about 4 years ago and it was in pretty tough shape. lots of mold. I still love it though. If had the money, I'd do all of the work myself. Then it would get done right.

  • Jon Turner   27th & Johnson -- 2002-07-30

    I'm with Sean (above comment). I would love to have enough money to do this renovation-rehabilitation-restoration myself. Unfortunatly I don't have the cash. The Audobon Neighborhood has wasted too much time & money on this Ed Finley loser. Let's not waste any more. Obviously we (anyone who really cares) need to keep moving on this, or it will be torn down. Is it possible to find funding and/or somebody with some power, or connection, to the MCDA that can build on the work that has been done thus far (if anything has actually been done)? So our money is not wasted. I hope that any other Nordeasters out there will come to the Audobon Neighborhood meeting on Aug. 5th at he community center on 29th and help push to get something done. The Art Deco design is so "cool". As I walked past the place last night I just started thinking about the possibilities. Who knows with any luck maybe it would attract more businesses to Johnson Street?? Maybe even a place that I can get a cold beer, or a glass of If there is anyone that I can help with this, let me know. This makes 2 people. But I don't think Sean and I can do all of the work. I hope others will join us.

  • Ray   HERE! -- 2002-08-27

    OK! Im with all you Northeasters. I don't have enough money either. But I'M AN ARTIST! And I tell you now, I will work for free on this project. Thats right ALL VOLUNTEER! Oh wait a second, is there even a project? I know there are tons of artists and neighbors who would pitch in a few weekends cleaning up the place. And someone probebly knows a carpenter to do any work that needs be done for a charitable price. In fact, I know a GREAT contracter "Peterson Exteriors". They do Roofs, highest quality, lowest price.
    Money? a vision? politics? contamination? WHAT is it?
    Just start a flippin NPO people!
    I should have been at the aug 5th meeting but I was outa town...I'll just read about it in the northeaster (thanks Margo&Kery)
    I'll try to be there in the future.

  • Erin   North Minnie -- 2002-09-10

    I too would dedicate anything to the theater. I just moved in a block from the Ritz theater on 13th and I hear it is going to be saved--so there should be no stopping The Hollywood---right?!

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2002-10-04

    UPDATE- The MCDA is puttting $30,000 into the building for a new roof and stabilization. They have finished removing the asbestos and lead. A few neighbors jave come together and have formed a task force to to try to get some things done, such as RFPs and Marketing. Hopefully by Novemeber, there will be an open house and some proposals again, maybe even something to decorate the facade. After this weeks meeting( i'm on the task force), I learned that there are a few more probelms coming up( i.e. drainage, collapsing wall, etc.) but is getting some TLC. Nobody would dare tear the old thing done after the put $400,000 into it.

  • Bill   Good Ol Nordeast -- 2002-10-06

    O too would love to volunteer time to renovate this historic and memorable theater. What a waste to just let it sit and rot. I went to this theater many many times as a child to see movies and special guests like Casey Jones. This place could be a Boom if it is left up to the many people of Northeast who would love to donate time and skills. It will be a BUST if it just sits and rots. Let's get the move and and revisit the wonders of times past.

  • Erin   -- 2002-10-23

    Could you please notify people of the meetings regarding the theater so that we can attend/offer assistance?

  • Cindy Saba Stoewer   Crystal, MN/ Formerly N.E. Mpls. -- 2002-11-05

    God Bless the Hollywood Theater! Do you know how many times I laughed at the Three Stooges in there? And the Pre-movie cartoons they showed! I lived a few blocks away and walking there was part of the fun of going to the movie! My husband and I have often talked about getting involved in restoring this great theater. Look what they did to The Heights! If it comes to volunteer involvement in fixing the place up, please, PLEASE count us in! LONG LIVE THE HOLLYWOOD and LONG LIVE N.E. MINNEAPOLIS.

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2002-11-07

    We have the meetings when we arrange to do so. If you would like to be involved, I recomend contacting the Audubon Neighborhood Association or stopping in at one of the businesses on Johnson. The task force just finished the survey (which I hope you all took) and we are tallying the results as we speak. The survey is going to be the deciding factor on how the MCDA will except proposals on the theater. If the neighborhood wants movies, they will look for a movie developer, etc. Hope I have helped.

  • Dana Willoughby   1116 5th St # 2 Saint Paul Park Mn 55071 -- 2002-11-18

    Hope this old theater can be restored. My Dad And I went to many movies there when I was a kid.
    Is the big mirror still in the front entrance? Lots of nice architecture in that building.
    Im glad people are still interested
    in fine old buildings such as this one. Thanks Dana Willoughby

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2002-11-19

    Parts of the mirror are still there. Much of the building is intact. It is just very dirty and moist. All of the mechanical systems need to be updated. The neighborhood survey has been completed, just awaiting results. Hope it is in favor of restoration and entertainment!

  • Jenny Smith   East Side, St. Paul -- 2003-01-15

    I am a graduate student in architecture at the UofM and will be doing my thesis this spring. I love this theater! I think I'm going to do my thesis project on the rehab and conversion of this building. Does anyone know how I can get in the building? I know it needs to be stabilized and decontaminated but I don't know when that's going to be finished. What do people think about the idea of it's use being changed - from theater to restaurant, library or a school of some sort? I'm thinking of doing my thesis work on some adaptive reuse and conversion of this building. I also am interested in how this would impact the neighborhood and am going to be working on a masterplan for the area. I know the Quarry's nearby, and this could be another asset to the northeast especially as an icon rather than a commercial endeavor. Please respond if you have any ideas. I also would be willing to volunteer on any committees that will work towards perservation of this site and the redevelopment of Johnson St. Contact me by email. Thanks.

  • Paul   36th&Garfield -- 2003-01-16

    Renovating the Hollywood would be great, but there are so many things going against it at this point that I wonder if it's really worth it. Whoever ends up buying it has to either pay or negotiate some sort of settlement with the city/county for about $2 million in back property taxes. Then there's the matter of restoring a building that the last time I was in it (about a year ago or so) had a minimum of 8 inches of water in the basement. MCDA's grant to stabilize it will dry things out and replace the roof, but there are a lot more things to do. Sadly, with the resurgence of the Heights/Apache theatres (and a great thing there, too) I don't think the neighborhood could or would be capable of supporting a movie theatre. Alternative usage has to be considered.
    I've grown up in the neighborhood and would walk to movies when I was a kid (from 26th & Lincoln). It was run down all of my life, but I've had access to the photos and plans of it in its heyday and it was beautiful, but certainly not as ornate as the Heights.

  • Ray   Minneapolis -- 2003-01-29

    I was walking the other night, and I noticed that the furnace is on...

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2003-01-30

    Not the furnace, but temporary heaters to keep the building from freezing. Part of the MCDAs stabilization was to dry out the building and heat it. They have some sort of space heaters rigged up.

  • Ray   NorthEast ARTS DISTRICT! -- 2003-02-10

    Cool, i hope they don't try to burn it down and say it was an accident. (just kidding) Who is "the person to talk to" regarding the evolving project and directions??
    And while i'm asking questions, Why did Nans close up shop?? Some one better grab that Icecream stained glass sign at the auction. I don't know if that was a local artist but I have seen one other like it localy... ya never know.

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2003-02-11

    The person to call is Sharrin at the MCDA, her info is on the mcda website. Otherwise you could walk down to Audubon Coffee, the owner is invovled on the theatre project. Nan's closed because of various reasons. The building wasn't up to code, rent was going up and they were just plain tired. They decided to move on in their lives for the time being.

  • Ray   -- 2003-09-03

    Has some one edited this? Where are the rest of the posts??

  • Ray   yes -- 2003-09-09

    Hmmm indeed.
    Well Mr. Ryan, If the hollywood theater would like to restore the exterior facade with matching marble, I would like to help.
    I am curently the caretaker of NoNameExhibitions @ the Soap Factory. We have a ton of re-usable marble slabs that happen to match the Hollywood Theater exterior color. We are having a sale October 18th to free up some space around here. If interested, this marble can be had for very cheap...... we might even donate some since we are cool like that....
    Now. About the dissapearing posts. My mind runs wild with suspision. Was our photographer friend Chris Gregerson bribed to remove them due to alegations of illeagle process? I sure as hell hope not.
    Chris man, artist to artist budy, what happened to the discusions that used to be here???

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2003-09-09

    Hmmm, they disappeared.
    *Hollywood Update*
    The Team of Awsumb and Associates, The Bryant Lake Bowl is moving forward. I have recently seen (9/8) the revised plans for the interior renovation from a movie theater to a flexible multi-purpose venue. The renovation calls for leaving everything intact except for the front entry lobby where the ticket booth is (on the left.) That would possibly be a kitchen serving the space. The larger lobby to the right would remain and become the main entrance and would feature a restored fountain. The basement would be remodeled with new bathrooms and a pantry/ cooler for the kitchen. The spaces would be connected between floors by a dumbwaiter. The auditorum itself would be slightly leveled in front of an expanded stage. This arrangement would allow for greater flexibily whether the space was hosting a wedding reception, a business meeting or ballet.
    The rear would have 2 dressing room and a bathroom along with lighting and sound rigging. It looks very promising. The housing componant of the project (across the street) has not been finalized as of yet. The full plans are set to be finished sometime in November. That will coincide with a posible neighborhood open house and 'Gala.' Keep an eye on the building, some posters and plans should be posted on the outside in the next month or so.

  • Chris Gregerson   Minneapolis -- 2003-09-10

    I remove comments that are off-color or make personal attacks using pejoratives ("you're an idiot, liar, criminal", etc.). I remember removing a few such comments from this page, perhaps that's why you don't see some that you remember being here (I'm not certain). I don't care what views are expressed as long as these guidelines are observed.

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson -- 2003-09-16

    Well Ray, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give out the word. The project could be moving along by the end of the year and donations are always welcome :)

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson- Northeast -- 2003-10-05

    oh no...
    A possible negative devlopment in the Hollywood saga has arisen. More details when all the info is in. O' why o' why does it never end...

  • Mike   St. Paul -- 2004-02-16

    Last post I saw was fall of 2003 and things looked like they were stalling. Where is it at now?

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson- NORTHEAST -- 2004-02-16

    The project is still moving forward. The City Council extended development rights to June so that the developers could work out some financial stuff. They hope to begin work on the theater this May. We'll see once the final housing proposals are in. I'll try to keep updated.

  • Sean Ryan   30th and Johnson- NORTHEAST -- 2004-02-18

    Here are some theater photos that I posted on Cinema Treasures-
    [url=]Hollywood Then & Now[/url]
    And the[url=]history[/url]

  • David Brady   Minneapolis Business Owner -- 2004-08-26

    Does anyone know whats going on with this now? I have driven by it and it doesn't look like anything has been done to it.

  • Randy Lyken   Minneapolis -- 2004-12-15

    I hope they rebuild this theater as origional as possible.They tore down my favorite theater the old Camden on Lyndale which the Camden Christ Center neglected. I love this picture!

  • Brent Snyder   Northside (Former N.E.) -- 2005-01-23

    Hello all!
    I am excited to read all of the comments regarding the ol' Hollywood Theatre. Although I am in my mid 20's, I too have some great memories about that theatre.
    I stumbled upon this website because I was searching for rehearsal space for a band that I manage and perform with. Since many of you seem to be involved with the community, this doesn't seem like a bad place to get feedback.
    The group that I perform with are called the Unknown Prophets. The Prophets are a Twin Cities based hip-hop group hailing from Nordeast Minneapolis. In the past few years we have gained much success locally , nationally and internationally too. On Febraury 13th of 2005, we are headlining a Tsunami Benefit show @ the Fine Line Cafe in downtown. However, we need space to rehearse with our live band. If anybody has any recommendations or know of someone who would be willing to donate space that would be wonderful. If we have to pay rental fees, that as ok as well.
    Thank you so much and good luck to the Hollywood Theatre!

  • Louie G.   Minneapolis -- 2005-05-25

    Interesting Site.....
    I am one of the last employees to have worked in this building until they finally closed the doors....and I am very interested in the conversations that I have read thus far...also I am interested in answering questions and further discussion...feel free to drop me a line....

  • Larry   Ft. Lauderdale -- 2005-08-12

    My very first job was at the Hollywood in 1965 and I earned $.75 and hour. The cashier made $.85 cents and hour because she handled cash. The first movie I ushered was 'The Monkey's Uncle' with Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Tommy Kirk and the Beach Boys. To this very day when I smell popcorn I still think of the Hollywood Theater. I'm told in its heyday that Red Skeleton and other such entertainers made appearances here. On Tuesday nights I would put up the new marquis as on Wednesdays new movies would arrive. I received $1.50 for my labor. The theater is remarkable and I wish some benefactor would come along and restore this building to it's former glory. I lived on 28th and Hayes so it was quite close to my house. I remember when Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were appearing in the movie, 'The Long, Long Trailer', the line of people went back to 28th and Johnson then east to 28th and Ulysses and a bit north along Ulysses. I could see the line from my kitchen window! Memories are precious and I have many of them from the Hollywood.

  • Kelly   minneapolis -- 2005-08-19

    Does anyone have any contact information regarding who owns this theater?

  • Rubin Safaya   Edina, MN -- 2005-08-26

    My god, the original 1935 photos posted on look magnificent. If anyone here is with the organization(s) trying to get this restored, please let me know. I run a movie commentary site, I would be more than glad to help promote restoration efforts on my site.

  • Genevieve   Little Canada -- 2005-11-28

    Does anyone know if this theatre or any theatre in the area has stairs?

  • Sean Ryan   30th & Johnson -- 2005-11-30

    The theater is owned by the city of Minneapolis hence its long long restoration process. The theater is currently in limbo between development proposals. The Audubon Neighborhood Association can be contacted regarding its current state, also Sharrin Miller-Bassi at CPED.

  • Murray   Minnesota -- 2005-12-14

    Walked many times to the Hollywood when we were kid's, sister, brother and I.
    We lived in a Duplex on the corner of 22nd and Quincy across from Edison and Jackson Square Park now I see torn down. (61 - 65)
    Age 56 now, went to Prescott and NE
    I'm, like you, interested in this place and the possibilities.
    i HAVE no FAITH, however in the current Minneapolis City Council.
    They have screwed UP NE Minneapolis and it's History
    SO Bad, it can not recover! with their ... (wont go there now)
    Live with your Memories.
    City Government SUCK's!

  • nat   minnesota -- 2006-04-21

    my love this heater there is in minnesota yes !

  • Sooz   -- 2006-10-21

    Whats the latest update with the Hollywood theatre? Development or no development?

  • Melissa   Minneapolis -- 2007-02-16

    I was hoping someone had information on the possibility of the theater re-opening. I heard Rebecca Karbon is the head of a committee working on this. Does anyone know any new information?

  • Tenzin Tsephel   Minneapolis, MN -- 2007-06-02

    [all this info is from]
    Hollywood Theater 1935
    Hollywood Theater on Johnson Restoration
    The Hollywood Theater is an art deco style theater, designed by architects Liebenberg & Kaplan. Grand opening was on Saturday, October 26, 1935. Mr. Rubenstein, the first owner and manager, stated in an October 25, 1935 article in the East Minneapolis Argus "I believe the people of East Minneapolis are due for a big surprise when they step into this magnificent temple of amusement for the first time. We have spared no money to make the Hollywood the outstanding theater of the northwest". We believe it is time to bring this energy back to life.
    The Hollywood Theater has sat empty for almost 20 years. It should be the east anchor of the Northeast arts community. The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission has designated the Hollywood as an architecturally significant landmark. We want the Hollywood Theater to regain its status as a jewel of Northeast Minneapolis, a ruby sitting proudly with the diamonds, which are the downtown theaters.
    Property Characteristics and Opportunities
    designed to be a 925-seat movie house
    classic art deco styling
    stage and dressing room facility capable of handling a wide variety of shows and entertainment
    independent movie theater
    film presentation (second run, classic, & niche films)
    live performance (local artists & organizations, along with nationally known artists)
    corporate rentals
    private events and ceremonies
    proposed small dance floor
    modern projection and sound equipment
    professional union stage labor to ensure high event quality
    working with local school districts to enhance education curriculum
    Ergo Sum Management (ESM)
    a subchapter S-Corporation applying with state and federal legislation
    privately held company owned by Royce & Jayme Jackson -10 year residents of Northeast Minneapolis
    established to provide management and structure operations for the Hollywood Theater
    dedicated to maintaining a viable and energetic entertainment venue
    together the Jacksons bring over 2 decades of live entertainment experience and administration history to this project
    business plan has been reviewed and given preliminary acceptance by the NECDC and the City Department of Planning and Economic Development (CPED)

  • daisy   northeast minneapolis -- 2007-09-20

    Please does anyone have any new information about any plans to rehab the hollywood in the near future.I really want to buy the house next to it and turn it into a coffee/cheese wine shop. But it seems the neighborhood association and the city dont want to make public any plans. What is the secret my understanding is that it has been empty and falling apart for over 20 years. Come on northeasters lets demand it is either fixed up and opened or demolished it is really a eyesore on a block of fun resturants and shops.

  • Jayme Jackson   NE Minneapolis -- 2007-09-25

    Royce and I have been working hard to re-establish a non-profit organization to secure grants, loans and other funding for the Hollywood Theater Renovation. We have been working on this project for the past 3 years, and only the last 6 months of that have been to get the non-profit back up and running. It took the Guthrie Theater about 7 years to get there new building, and they are a known entity, they have a LOT of support, and they certainly had access to funding to accomplish this. The Ritz Theater took 10 years! So far the neighborhood has shown little patience with any entity that comes in to try to rehab the facility. Now it seems that some people on the board have their eyes on the funding and would rather allocate it for "other" projects. On October 1, 2007, 7:00 p.m. the neighborhood is planning on discussing the neighborhood funding for the Hollywood Theater. If anyone is available, please join us in the fight to keep this funding allocated to the theater. Thanks! Jayme Jackson

  • Terry Nolan   Scottsdale, AZ -- 2008-03-02

    Any updates on what's being done with this theater?

  • Mindi in NE   NE Mpls, just a couple blocks from the Hollywood. -- 2008-04-03

    Any new news on the theater? My Google search brought me to the results from last Nov.'s meeting where it was decided that the money would stay in the Hollywood fund. Anything new since then? What about some info being available at this years Johnstock on May 17th? It could be a great oportunity to get some interest stirred back up. The residents of this neighborhood really are feeling helpless about this issue, and I'm sure we'd step up to get the ball rolling with some guidance!

  • Linn   Garfield -- 2008-05-18

    Sounds like more bad news for the Hollywood Theatre Restoration. With so much community support, I can not believe this has not moved forward. Look at the Hollywood Preservation Group Website for the most recent post. I wrote my councilman-you should too!-What is really going on?

  • Megan   Minneapolis -- 2008-09-16

    I drive past this theater a few times a week. I am constantly tempted to break in! I am a professional photographer and would LOVE to venture inside and explore. Seeing a few updated pictures on another site gives me inspiration to visit the building even more.
    If anyone knows whom to contact in order to get the "OK" for a day inside the theater, please contact me. Obviously, I would prefer to not break the law when I go and take images inside the building. Then again, maybe it's worth it? :)

  • Mark Fox   -- 2009-02-05

    Jayme Jackson’s characterization of the neighbors is laughable. No patience? I’ve been working on various incarnations of a restoration effort for 10 years. Ergo Sum had a nice idea, but without funding and a legitimate pro-forma, it was not worth waiting for. If they were so serious, why wait 3 years before re-establishing the non-profit?
    People aren't plotting against you—you’re simply hadn't shown any progress or even engagement with the community.

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