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Central Avenue and Lowry Avenue Northeast (#915)

Central Avenue and Lowry Avenue Northeast
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copyright © 2000 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 1.2 megapixel (1280 x 960 total resolution)
picture date: 2000-08-10


You are at the intersection of Central and Lowry in northeast Minneapolis looking southeast across the intersection.



  • Ray Rolfe   Northeast Minneapolis -- 2001-12-23

    Home sweet home. I must have crossed this innersection a billion times, before Toms was there... before Subway and Discount70, which is now a hair style school or something? If the photographer was on the other side of the street, he would have captured the aloof "Arcana" Free Mason lodge building....

  • Mara   NE Mpls -- 2004-04-10

    It's great to compare that pic from the 30s to present day. The corner shop is now Subway, next door there is an Ecuadorian restaurant, a Mails etc. type place, large Middle Eastern grocery/deli. The neighborhood has diversified a lot. Too bad we lost the street car line.

  • Ray   -- 2004-06-02

    Yeah! It's funny you mention the street cars. I just took pictures of the historic brick street and rails being destroyed in the current Central ave project.

  • Ray   -- 2005-05-28

    Well, we all know what happened. This whole corner burned down!
    This photo is now historic Chris.

  • Tom Orr   Hilltop -- 2008-02-11

    I lived near here till about 85,i loved going to hogetti's for pizza or i went to the crest sometimes too.I hated when snyder's shut down their lunch counter.I can't remember half the places that used to be near here.

  • Tupy   Burnsville -- 2009-12-07

    I believe this old 1935 picture is actually showing the northeast corner of Central and Lowry. The building in that picture still stands on that corner of those 2 streets. Unless there was an identical building across the street at one time.

  • Tupy   Burnsville -- 2009-12-07

    What's weird is that the 2000 picture of the blue building above is labeled Central Avenue and Lowry Avenue Northeast, however that is infact the northwest corner of that intersection. After thoroughly inspecting Google maps street view it appears that that blue building no longer exists.

  • Vicki   Arden Hills -- 2012-12-03

    Anybody NE knows that Tom's Barber shop building burned down in 2005. Very cool to see the Olsen's building again. They were located on the SE corner of Lowry & Central, with B-Sharp right next to them...

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