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Grey's Drug/Loring Pasta Bar (#941)

Grey's Drug/Loring Pasta Bar
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picture date: 2000-09-18


You are looking west from 4th Street and 14th Avenue Southeast. This building used to be Grey's Drug for decades, but closed around 1996. A two-story restaurant, The Loring Pasta Bar, was being installed when this picture was taken. It's due to open in 2001.



  • Colin Silver   Minneapolis -- 2001-07-13

    This is a restaurant that deserves interior pictures. Like the Loring Cafe, the dining experience here has more to do with the atmosphere than the actual cuisine. It's the best re-use of an old drug store since W. A. Frost in St. Paul.

  • Greg Lang   Minneapolis -- 2001-08-26

    In the 1960's then street troubador Bob Dylan got his music start on this Grays's Drugstore corner. I lived in Dinkytown for a dozen years in the 1970's and early eighties, well after the bob Dylan era.

  • Olive Allen   Minneapolis -- 2002-10-10

    My father graduated from the U of M Journalism School in 1948. He would make frequent Sunday excursions back to his alma-mada and Dinkytown over the years. I remember tagging along with him and we'd always make three stops. 1--Nelson's Office Supply, where he'd buy typewriter paper, correction tape and carbon paper; 2. Crane's Bookstore (which will soon be another Loring club);
    3. And Grey's Drugstore for a hamburger and vanilla malt
    I felt sadly nostalgic when Grey's finally closed, but happy when I'd heard the Loring was taking over the space. They've shown a lot of integrity in renovating and moving into the old landmark.

  • Don Thorkelson   Pearl River, New York -- 2006-09-06

    When I attended Marshall H.S. in the late 40's, early 50's, I worked as a dishwasher and short order cook in Grey's. The pies were homemade and the ladies who baked them seldom missed one when my fellow worker Vernon LaCombe and I helped ourselves to a banana creme; our favorite!

  • None   None -- 2007-08-21

    Electronically distribute salary Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction retirement or Social Security payments.

  • Dinzee   Lexington, KY -- 2008-09-09

    The drugstore shown was named Gray's Drug, spelled with an "a," not an "e." At least, that was the case when I was a U of M student from 1958-62, and spent much time in Dinkytown at Al's Breakfast and Melvin McCosh's magical bookstore (on 4th St. SE, near the RR viaduct), as well as dining, and buying prophylactics, at Gray's Drug.

  • Michele   Brunswick, OH -- 2009-02-02

    Does anyone know if Grey Drug had a restaurant inside of it? What was the name? This would be a Grey Drug in the Cleveland, OH area. Help!!

  • Sherri   Minneapolis area -- 2010-10-21

    Gray's Drugs (spelled with an A) had a soda fountain in the back... not a full blow restaurant, but you could get an old fashioned soda from the soda jerk and some quick luncheon snacks and chips.

  • Sherri   Minneapolis area -- 2010-10-21

    Gray's Drugs (spelled with an A) had a soda fountain in the back... not a full blown restaurant, but you could get an old fashioned soda from the soda jerk and some quick luncheon snacks, like a burger and chips.

  • None   -- 2012-04-02

    Bridgeman's was located across the street in the 60s.

  • Al Milgrom   1030 16th ave SE,Mpls.55414 -- 2014-12-12

    I am trying to find out the last name of a
    waitress there around the Sixties,'70s who still may be living around the Dinkytown area. Her
    first name was Judy, I believe, Had rather auburn colored hair. I am doing a doc on Dinkytown Red Barn story (1970)and she is in an interview shot. Would appreciate any clue
    ASOP, as we are finishing this opus Dec.14,'14 weekend. Al Milgrom

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