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Minneapolis Institute of Arts (#95)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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You're on 24th by Stevens looking at the front entrance of the The Minneapolis Institute of Arts(MIA). As you can imagine, they have some impressive works of art inside. Lots, in fact, and admission is free. They share a large complex of buildings with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design(MCAD, pictured elsewhere) and the Children's Theatre Company(CTC).



  • Jeff   Las Vegas -- 1999-12-29

    I find it interesting that the flags are blowing in opposite directions.

  • Chris Gregerson(site author)   Linden Hills, Mpls -- 1999-12-29

    I never noticed that, it does look a little odd. It wasn't deliberate on my part.

  • Parker   Muncie,IN -- 2000-02-29

    hey chris did you make the flags do that?

  • Vivy   Minnesota -- 2000-07-01

    You should have use Photoshop to delete the dated on the picture...:-)

  • Anonymous   -- 2001-03-22

    Does anyone know why they blow in opposite dirrections

  • Jeff Conrad   Little Canada -- 2001-09-14

    Wind turbulence caused by non-laminar wind flow over the building causes eddies in the wind, twisting one flag one way and the other another.

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