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Bio for Chris Gregerson

Chris Gregerson at a Filipino Elementary School

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently live in nearby New Richmond, WI (in the house my Mom grew up in). I attended Marcy and South High in Southeast Minneapolis, and later went to vocational school for drafting. I've had a lifelong interest in computers, and learned two programming languages before high school.

I started this website in 1998 to share pictures of Minneapolis, using the name "Phototour of Minneapolis". It later developed into a stock photo resource, and I now use the name "".

In 2003 my older brother, Marc, passed away due to Hodgkin's Disease. I stayed with him at UCLA Medical Center during treatment, which indirectly led me to travel abroad in 2004. I visited China with my Dad, a quality control engineer who often worked on quality issues at factories.

I planned a return trip to China a few months later, but I ended up staying in the Philippines for six months. I am now married to Arlene Gregerson (Arlene Baldovi Corpuz) from Badoc, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. She helped me photograph her country (I have images of US cities, rural Wisconsin, and China as well). Arlene and I now have a wonderful baby girl named Athena

I like the cultural and educational institutions in the Twin Cities, like the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I like the change of seasons and the parks here, and the generally progressive political climate.

I developed this website using the Linux operating system and the perl programming language. I use a Canon digital SLR camera with L-series lenses. I am available for website development and assignment photography.

I support public health and children's issues, like the NIH-2 initiative. I posting some video of the Philippines on this website in a video section, and also added a section with my views on relationships.

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