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the neighborhood where the city began

Shops Along East Hennepin Avenue
#236 Shops Along East Hennepin Avenue
Waterfall with Blocks
#176 Waterfall with Blocks
St. Anthony Main
#157 St. Anthony Main
Pillsbury  Mill
#134 Pillsbury Mill
Pillsbury Mill
#133 Pillsbury Mill
The city of St.Anthony was incorporated in 1855, and was the original settlement on the land that is now Minneapolis. It grew on the east bank of the Mississippi River, attracted by the water-power St.Anthony Falls provided.

The current downtown is on the other side of the river, where the settlement of Minneapolis began. That name is a combination of the the Souix word "Minnehaha"(laughing water) and the Greek word for city. Minneapolis was incorporated in 1867, and merged with St.Anthony in 1872.

The St.Anthony neighborhood of Minneapolis is where the old cobblestone "Main Street" is still located, as well as some very old buildings. Pillsbury's milling complex, although no longer powered by the falls, is still in operation here.

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